Case Study



In the last years, the quality standards for indoor environments have been consistently raised, by modifying and perfecting comfort evaluation models, the algorithms of control logics and the instruments to measure the most meaningful parameters.


While there are well-established norms and rules, there is no universal comfort solution, based on standard parameters, to act in the shortest possible time and with the most rewarding strategy.


The SInCoS (Sistemi Intelligenti per il Comfort e la Sostenibilità ambientale) research project aims at creating smart systems for comfort and environmental sustainability, by using advanced sensors and the elaboration and integration of internal and external data. A dynamic system, integrating sensors, IoT devices, dedicated HMIs and control and management algorithms and software.

Expected Results

An indoor comfort management system will be devised. Through IoT technologies and algorithms, the system will be easy to reconfigure, in order to adapt to the most diverse conditions.

Sincos Sincos

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