Smart Environments Regional Platform

Collaborative platform on living environments, with special focus on computational intelligence, the Internet of Things and multimedia.
MIRACLE Project - Marche Innovation and Research fAcilities for Connected and sustainable Living Environments.




€ 8.300.000




2019 - 2022



Computational Intelligence

Support to the development and prototyping of smart functionalities for innovative products and services, as well as small-scale testing of machine learning and computational intelligence solutions, to foster the identification of ideal configurations, which shall be implemented in different architectures and systems.

Internet of Things

Analysis of requisites, identification of network protocols and architectures, simulation, analysis of performances, support to the various stages of the feasibility analysis and design, both of individual devices and smart objects and of the interconnection network.


Vulnerability analysis, definition of safety protocols, system and component monitoring.

Edge/Cloud computing

Services to support the development of feasibility analyses and cloud solution design.

Multimedia (speech/audio/video)

Development and prototyping of systems and interfaces for human-machine and human-environment interaction, with technologies based on border paradigms (understanding of the acoustic/visual scene of the environments, augmented listening, interactivity based on cognitive and emotional intelligence), tests in a controlled/simulated environment.


Training and Orientation

Training on the technologies available in the laboratory, for both students and workers; consulting and orientation activities on the use of technologies.

Research and Development

Pure or applied research activity, feasibility studies, technical and scientific support.


Pre-testing and testing of the prototypes developed by companies, with training activities carried out in parallel with prototype development.